The first time I had thought about starting my own photography business was on a train from Rome to Milan. It was one of those moments where I knew I wanted to build a minimalistic indoor studio, and couldn't stop thinking about it.


After getting engaged, Stanley and I were looking to do Pre-Wedding photos for ourselves. We found it hard to find someone who suited our style, but this only motivated me more to provide for other couples out there like us. I then expanded into Baby Photography because we love children and were going to grow our own little family.

So what started as an idea, turned into reality the more passionate I became. Stan built the photography studio in our home. It's a simple and calm space where you can be comfortable in front of the camera, and we can capture timeless portraits for you and your loved ones.


Reflecting on how THE MOMENTS BY MELISSA began, it is really a business that grew from our journey and our own special milestones. From our engagement to getting married and starting a family, these have been our moments that we want to document and remember forever. 

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