After we had our son Harvey, I wanted to start making annual family albums.

I think it is really special to flip through family photos in a physical book, especially when looking together with others, memories and stories are bound to come up. Photo albums are also nostalgic for me as my mum printed all my childhood photos into an album. I want to be able to give my children the same experience.

My children can reminisce and feel the love in every photo.

In our generation, people upload photos to social media and can overlook the importance of physical family albums. However, because I am personally someone who only uploads the 'highlights' to my Instagram, it would be impossible to show family and friends everything. The rest of the photos would be forgotten on hard drives. This is why I am committed to editing and organising a yearly photo book.

I started with my wedding photos. I never uploaded all of them onto Facebook or Instagram so there are a lot of photos no one has ever seen before. I chose a Metallic Pearl Large Landscape (32.3 x 24.1cm) Premium Photo Book from MILK Books. Then for our 2019 family book, I chose a Metallic Blue colour to represent the arrival of our son, and a colour easy to differentiate when on display.

MILK Books is seamless and customisable.

The books are made with sustainable, archival quality, acid-free paper stocks. I am not entirely satisfied with my paper stock choice, but because they offer 4 different options I am keen to try another in my 2020 family book. And if looks good, I might even reprint my 2019 family book and gift the old one to leave at my parent's house!

I offer MILK Books to all my couples and families, but I know that not everyone would prioritise this purchase. I encourage everyone to reconsider and see the value in printing your photos so your fleeting moments can be treasured memories to look at over and over again!