This Newborn Photography session for Arissa was taken place in the comfort of their home. Her mother was undergoing postpartum confinement, so we brought the photoshoot and all necessary equipment to her.

If you're wondering what postpartum confinement is, it is a tradition that advises you to stay home the month after childbirth and follow some rules. In my Chinese background, this is called 坐月 "sitting the month". Read this article doctor's modern day perspective on how it helps postpartum mothers recover faster.

If you or your elders believe in this practice, then we definitely do not want you missing out on booking Newborn photos just because you aren't allowed to leave the house. We replicate our studio by bringing lighting, bean bag, clothes, wraps, and accessories to you.

There is a slight difference between our studio and going to your house, and that is the lighting. Our studio uses constant light (all the photos in my Newborn Gallery are all taken in the studio), whereas in-home sessions require us to bring a flash.

We can't guarantee our clients have big windows with lots of sun pouring in, nor do we risk hoping for these conditions. Regardless of the environment, we will still capture the magical fleeting moments of your newborn.

Newborn photos are magical, no matter where and how we capture them for you.

At Home Newborn Photography Session | The Moments by Melissa | Melbourne, Australia

Arissa was 2 weeks 3 days old at this photoshoot. I love the first top left photo because she naturally moved her hands into a heart shape on her own. We were firing the camera shutter like crazy in case she moved.

Also, you wouldn't have been able to guess, but Arissa was quite restless the whole session. All newborns are different and some can be truly "milk drunk" the entire time. In Arissa's case, she just required more soothing to settle her between different outfits and poses. But as you can see, the final images show that she is a sleeping sweetheart.

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