As I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy, I want to reflect on what the past 9 months have meant to me.

Maternity Photography Session | The Moments by Melissa | Melbourne, Australia

Recently, I wrote a Pregnancy Diary that highlights how I was feeling during each trimester. The photos used in that blog post was a mini photoshoot Stan had styled and directed. I actually requested it as my "birthday present" instead of going out or any other plans.

The photos used in this blog post are from my "official” Maternity photoshoot. It was taken when I was 34 weeks. My bump was out and rounded, and I was comfortable standing up during all the poses. This is around the time I tell my Maternity clients to come in for a photoshoot as well.

Being a photographer, I value the importance of documenting as much as possible.

Being a Maternity photographer, I always saw the significance in capturing this extraordinary change a woman's body goes through to have a baby. However, after being pregnant myself, the emotions have multiplied and I encourage everyone to document their beautiful bump!

Everything has been a new experience for Stan and I, especially being pregnant with our first baby. The first ultrasound, the first time we heard the heartbeat, and how shocked we were when we saw how much the baby had grown and moving about in the sonogram. We watched my belly grow and felt kicks and hiccups. Not to mention all the information we've had to learn about birth and parenting, even taking a first aid class. Or how many times I've been online to see if I've bought all necessities on a Baby Checklist.

These are things we experienced for the first time because we're having our first baby, and we'll never have these "firsts" anymore.

We will also never be the same people anymore. Melissa and Stanley will change from being just two people who have been together for the last 8 years, to forever being someone's parent. For the rest of our lives, we will be thinking of and prioritising someone else over ourselves.

Some people have warned us (more like tried to scare us) about the new reality we're about to embark on, but we have a positive outlook. We acknowledge the big change in our lives coming for us, but we welcome it with open arms. We have planned for this, even before getting married, and we're ready.

This pregnancy will always be unforgettable and the magnitude of becoming first-time parents makes it even more meaningful. That is why I've been capturing as many bump photos as possible to remember this moment.

I also know that with my second child, my Maternity photos may look different because the experience will be different. The focus in my photography then maybe to document my first child getting a sibling, and that we're becoming parents of two.

Are you pregnant and looking to document your journey? Contact me, I'd love to hear from you!