Although THE MOMENTS BY MELISSA only has my name, it would not be possible without the help of my husband, Stanley. From the day I started dreaming of building my own photography studio, he has been there with me.

We both love the business name I thought of, so we don’t want to change it. But it goes without saying that Stanley is just as much a part of THE MOMENTS BY MELISSA as I am.

Location: Nami Island, South Korea

Here are some fun facts to get to know us a little better.


Our story began in 2010 when we met through mutual friends at university. Fast forward to late 2014, Stan proposed to me one cold evening in front of the Eiffel Tower. Then 2 years later, we became husband and wife with our wedding held at Carousel in Albert Park, Melbourne.


We are both born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. I grew up with two sisters, 20 cousins, and many family friends. Stan grew up with his older sister and aside from his loving parents, was closely looked after by his grandparents. The importance of family has always been instilled in us since we were young.


I majored in Computer Science and left the industry in Digital User Experience, while Stan majored in Accounting and Finance. Designing and building websites are my forte, but I leave the number crunching to Stan.

I love to wind down a day by catching up on the latest episode of my Chinese or Korean drama. Stan, however, is a big car enthusiast and he does not miss a Formula One race.


For a short period of time while I was still in university, Stan and I worked together at an IT company. I was one of the Web Developers and he was the office Accountant.

I was managing a client's online shop that required me to update and adjust their products. Every time new products came in, Stan and I had the wonderful opportunity of driving to the client. We set up a lightbox and captured all the photos for me to edit and upload online.

Product photography is certainly different to babies, but the experience was meaningful and only increased our passion for photography.


Stan and I are that couple who take a tripod on holidays just to set up the perfect shots using the 10-second countdown mode. We don't need to bother other tourists and this way, we can retake over and over until we're satisfied.

Every photo on my website that consists of us two was set up and taken by us. We love how our own Pre-Wedding photoshoot turned out in the studio, and I will cherish the photos forever.

Click here to see our "selfie" Pre-Wedding Photos.

Hope you like them too!