While we are anticipating baby number two, we are also going through another life change of moving houses! I would usually try to be stress-free and relaxed this late into my pregnancy, but I have a lot to do in the next few weeks, including writing this post.

Because we are about to move, I have had to make the big decision of leaving my home photography studio behind. I have thought of rebuilding it in the new house or renting out a studio somewhere else, but I have decided to take maternity leave and temporarily stop my small business for now. I will be busy with the new baby and Harvey running around that this decision comes from prioritising my family first.

I will definitely start again when the time is right because THE MOMENTS BY MELISSA is my passion and I truly believe in photographing life's moments. Especially being that this journey started because Stan and I were looking for Pre-Wedding photos, and now we have priceless photos of everything afterwards - Maternity, Newborn, Baby and Family Photos.

Maternity Photography Session | The Moments by Melissa | Melbourne, Australia

I also haven't been promoting my business for a while now, so the only studio photos you have seen lately are of our family. This just further proves how important it is to me and how committed I am to capturing milestones. Even though I can't provide for other couples and families (for the time being), I will make sure to record my family's memories.

The next photoshoot I have planned is for baby girl when she is 2 weeks old and we'll be taking her Newborn photos. Then I have booked a session with another photographer for our family photos because juggling Harvey and a newborn requires more effort than just setting up our tripod at home.

If you have read this far, it may have been because you were interested in booking with me. If so, thank you so much for showing interest in my photography! It would have been an honour to meet you and be a part of capturing the love between you and your family. I will be using my maternity leave to plan and build my future studio so maybe we can work together next time!

Keep in touch by following my Instagram @themomentsbymelissa. You can see updates with our family and hopefully when I can open my business again!

Lots of love,