Rachel has been one of my best friends for the last 15 years. I watched her romance with Kevin blossom 10 years ago while we were in high school. When she asked me to take her Engagement photos, naturally I was so thrilled.

We organised the photoshoot during New Year's holiday at Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Gardens. Usually, the Australian sun can be quite harsh for outdoor photos during summer time. However, we were blessed with a day that wasn't too hot and sunny.

You would never know that it was their first time having photos taken professionally. Initially, we gave them some instructions and pointers, but they were pros. We were able to shoot while they were walking and talking.

They got intimate with shots like hugs, kisses, and Kevin lifting Rachel up.

I love that Engagement Photography sessions get couples comfortable in front of the camera before the big day.

The session really helped Rachel and Kevin figure out how they prefer themselves in photos. Personally, my husband and I like our side profiles, but they said they didn't mind looking straight into the camera as well.

The photoshoot was insightful for them and Kevin was thankful for the eye-opener on what their wedding day may be like. I was glad they could gather experience and information that was helpful for their wedding photographers.

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