Reuben and Julia are the creators behind Rough & Rose. They are a wedding and party stylists based here in Melbourne. Just as I want to capture life's moments through my camera, they believe that every milestone should be celebrated.


We joined their baby journey back in 2018 when they held an outdoor baby shower on a beautiful warm day. Julia had set up a drink and dessert bar, on a table that Reuben himself handmade. Hence he is the Rough and she is the Rose in Rough & Rose, a perfect combination to style any event.

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They came into our Surrey Hills studio for a Maternity Photography session not long afterwards. Being the outgoing girl Julia is, she was excited about the photoshoot and brought many of her own clothes to change into.

However, just like she did, there is no need to go out and buy new clothes. Basic pieces from your existing wardrobe enhance the focus on you and your baby bump. I am sure you can agree with me that the photos below turned out perfectly and will be timeless memories for all three of them.

Please note that you are welcome to come to our Maternity session with nothing except black/white bra and underwear. I have a variety of dresses, slips, and robes for you to cover an entire session.

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