In my last pregnancy, I was so amazed with my growing belly. And nervously excited about something I've never experienced before. I wrote about Becoming First Time Parents and how meaningful it was for us to start our little family that we were always looking forward to.

Harvey is almost two years old now and these past two years have been the best years of my life so far. I always knew that I'd enjoy being a mother, even with sleepless nights and toddler tantrums. Nothing compares and is as rewarding as the look in his eyes that says "you're the best mummy and I love you". Parents aren't meant to play favourites, but Harvey made me a mother and for that our bond will always be special and I am forever grateful.

I posted these pictures on my Instagram @themomentsbymelissa and captioned - Soaking up all the time left being a mother of one. Ever since having Harvey, I've devoted almost all of my thoughts into him and his daily schedule. Transitioning to two will come with a lot of mum guilt and I'll feel sad for my firstborn having to start sharing me.

To get him prepared, we've been explaining to him that his baby sister is in my belly. Apart from hugs and kisses, sometimes he'll feed her his water or milk, or place his toys on my bump as if they're playing together. I am looking forward to him getting a sibling but also worried about how he'll actually react once she's out in the world.

That is why going through this second pregnancy has been completely different. We've already experienced pregnancy and parenthood one time before, so now we're focusing more on Harvey's reaction and how we're going to manage daily tasks with two.

Of course, I know that we'll be fine because having Stan as my husband and best friend means we can get through anything together. As a woman, I go through big things like pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and staying home with the children. But on top of going to work, Stan comes home and does everything in between that keeps it all together.

Harvey and baby number two are so lucky to have him as their father. And I will remind them over and over again as they grow up!

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