The photo below is the first photo displayed in my Baby Gallery. It's one of my favourite photos I've ever captured in my photography studio.

Baby Photography Session | The Moments by Melissa | Melbourne, Australia

It was taken back in 2018. Even though it has been two years, I still look back to this photo and think it really showcases my ideal style.

The focus is entirely on your baby.

With only white and minimal props, the focus is entirely on your baby. I love the simplicity. Sitter sessions are also a perfect age to dress up in wings with just a nappy on. It highlights how innocent and precious babies are before they quickly grow up.

I definitely do not try to replicate this exact photo for every photoshoot. But the underlying basis of minimalism and emphasis on your baby is what I try to achieve for all my clients. Every session starts with immediate family photos so your baby can get comfortable and accustomed to the studio. I continue with individual photos in any outfit you've brought along. I then hope to get some nappy only shots that I believe are timeless and angelic.

Would you like this style for your baby? Read more information in our Baby Session FAQs.